IMG_4187The perfect blend of personal and professional. Our dear friends, the Mitres have been in the US for ten years and we celebrated at their home for a picnic. Theirs is a story of courage, perseverance, loyalty, and love. Ten years ago they arrived in New Jersey, moved into a small apartment, got the kids started in school and began to look for work. Sponsored by my sister, Eileen and her husband Paul, they began to build a life which included my sister, her husband, and my husband and me.
IMG_4176 - Version 2Their teenage children graduated and began their college education; marriage and a new baby added to the family. The details are Ermira’s story to tell. My thought is to consider how the arrival of these  four Albanians changed our lives too. This family circle grew to include our friends meeting their friends, my writing colleagues helping their family until the lines blurred and Ermira, Eileen, and I became ‘sisters.’ What an interesting project to see how many and how far reaching the ripples from this meeting go.

IMG_4150On June 8th, we gathered to celebrate their anniversary of being here in the US for ten years, but it was really about love.