The Promise Promised myself I would use time while vacationing on Kauai  to muse, to be, to let my creative spirit bubble up. I watched the waves break from pretty far out, young surfers riding in. Was mesmerized by the water at Spouting Horn, and let the sound of waves breaking just outside my window at night lull me into a restful sleep. My breath came easier and deeper. After the two days it took to have my shoulders pull away from the stress position near my ears, it happened. Character sketches morphed into being, aha’s about my reactions to recent exchanges passed through my head like a slow moving, but brilliantly-colored caterpillar.  This ‘just be’ thing really works.

The Results This morning with laptop open, I’m ready to have those vignettes, stories, characters surround me, clamoring to be put down in print. But the brilliant phrases and aha’s – gone, tucked away somewhere in the recess of my vacation-relaxed mind. Perhaps not all creative musing is meant to be written.

What do you think?