Travel Packing

I’m packing for a trip to Santa Fe. My very organized process for packing consists of printing out our Vacation Checklist ( yes, I can send it to you if you are in need of a detailed list). Anyway, it’s got what needs to be done around the house before departure, and what clothes, toiletries, health items, aka Rx’s and the ever-expanding lineup of anti-aging jars, supplements, and creams, and “my stuff” must go with me.  What starts out as categorized piles of clothing items becomes a panorama of clothes, shoes, socks, scarves, snacks, brochures, and “my stuff” all vying to get in the suitcase.

A Color Palette for Planning

A dear friend advised years ago to have a color palette for what clothes to pack. “Start with black.” Of course, and then decide whether you want mostly blues, reds, oranges, pinks. As I looked at the burgeoning piles I saw my palette. Green and pink.

I’ve been attracted to green for two months since our trip East which surrounded us with the green of the Berkshire and Adirondack Mountains. It was quite calming and peaceful. Stream of consciousness here.

Colors of Joy

I thought of Colors of Joy by Nancy Andres. A delightful book for “self-discovery, balance, and bliss.” The gem of Ms. Andres’s book for me has been the growing awareness of not just what colors I like, but why. It’s how they make me feel. Relaxed. Confident. Energized. Calm. Also what colors crowd me, stifle, block me.

I take you to page 26 of Colors of Joy: “Green is the color of nature and growth, pink stimulates compassion, and yellow helps keep you lighthearted.” Perfect for our road  trip to celebrate our 30 years of shared joys, sorrow, challenges, love, and quite a few laughs along the way.

Nature’s Green in the Northeast

Before Mother Nature turns to autumn art, dark forest green was reflected in Palmer Pond, the shadows were almost a black/green near the Hudson River, and a silent path in the woods soothed me. What greens will New Mexico bring to my palette?

The blue of the pond reflects that forest green of the woodsPrivacy among the treesGreen as calming