miller-place-mom and twinsAfter decades of indulging my curiosity about how love and relationships really ‘work,’ years of gathering stories of the dynamics of all kinds of relationships, and two years of write, revise, edit, and simmer, Seedlings, Stories of Relationships is here. Take a look at the book trailer and enjoy my garden of stories.

Making a book trailer for this book was a vastly different experience from writing, hosting a reading, or giving a presentation. The learning curve was steep—going from entertaining and educating to engaging an audience—via a small round lens. No immediate feedback from an audience. For someone who’s so used to connecting with a live audience, it’s strange to create rapport with that little inanimate object. I’m so proud of the book and wanted it to be just right. And I think it is!

I am fortunate to be working with a very creative team at Groundwork Promotions.  They not only have the technical knowhow but also vision to create in pictures and edits of my words the right snippets of what Seedlings is about. After planning, filmings, takes, retakes, and talks, they went off to that magical place where edits and cuts and whatever they do happens. The result is a sterling 1 minute and 36 seconds to introduce you to my relationship garden.