IMG_6961 - Version 2You know or suspect someone has aphasia. That particular person may be in denial– “No NO. I’m fine. Don’t make a fuss.” They may be embarrassed. “I just won’t go out as much.” They may be completely unable to speak at all.

But their denial, shame, fear, and loneliness is eating them up inside and if you are the caregiver or a friend, it eats at you too. Make a decision to do something about it.

Okay. But what? Check out these sites:

Go to you tube and watch the video “Ways with(out) Words”

Contact or call the Tucson Aphasia Center  520-730-8428.

Contact the National Stroke Association

Contact National Aphasia Association.

“Hello, National Aphasia Association.”

“I think my father has aphasia.”

“Ok, let me help.”

Maybe you can’t do it today, but bookmark this post or print it out. Make a decision to do it–sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow: Action