I’m stepping back onto the virtual stage after over a year away. Very excited to be one of the storytellers at:

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is proud to present a wide array of storytelling programs live online, designed to make storytelling – and story listening – more accessible than ever before: financially accessible, differently-abled accessible, geographically accessible, new listener accessible, and more!

TGIF Intergenerational Story Fest-    stories for everyone to start your weekend right

​Friday, October 7, 2022:  7-9pm (ET)

Click here to register for free.

This is one of four online storytelling programs presented by ASST each month, always free and open to the public.

Ethel Lee-Miller blogs regularly about people, the power of words, and her writing life. She’s retired from professional writing gigs after 30 years of teaching, coaching, editing, and gathering writers to publicly share their work. She is the author of Thinking of Miller Place, and Seedlings, Stories of Relationships. These days, she writes to inspire, to connect with folks, and for the pure enjoyment of it. Ethel enjoys sharing stories at Odyssey Storytelling, Artists Standing Strong Together, and anywhere there’s a mic or a Zoom room.