Now, that's awesome!

Now, that’s awesome!

Although I appreciate the sleekness, efficiency, and rapid pace of texting, RUOK? ETA5. ATM. LOL, I am still loyal to the old-fashioned method of talking on the phone. The phone is my friend. I use it for actual conversation, to give or get information. If I can’t place an order online, or have not received an item, I pick up the phone and call.

And here is where I have discovered that there are qualities I possess that are awesome.

I’m tracking down a missing holiday order from…well, it doesn’t matter from where the item was ordered. What matters now is it’s supposed to be at my home and it’s not.

I am in touch with a customer associate whose script in this case allows for some deviation. When Sean tells me his name and that he will help me, he also responds to my, “Hi Sean, how are you today?” (I want to get results and know building relationships is important).

“I’m cool,” he replies. I’ve got a live one here.

We establish that I’m looking for my promised package and that yes, he can and WILL help me with that.

“But first let me just bring this up on my screen. Your name?”


I hear click click clicking of his keyboard

“Ah, here we are. Address?”

I tell… Tucson,  Arizona. And he says, “Awesome.”

At first I think he has had some Tucson living in his life experience, or dreams of escaping another winter of where he is currently hunkered over his desk in Minnesota, or Canada, or Ketchikan. But with each subsequent request–phone, order number, size–he tells me, “That’s awesome.” Gone is okay, thank you, or got it. It’s awesome. Is he of the generation where parents praised every nuance of their child’s life with escalating compliments? “You ate all your dinner. Great!” “You picked up your clothes. Good work.” “You brushed your teeth. Wonderful.” “You breathed in and out? Awesome!!”

By the time Sean has tracked my order I truly believe this product is awesome, he’s awesome, and I’m awesome. He promises me it will be at my doorstep tonight at 6 pm. Great. We bid adieu. And there is an almost instant follow-up email confirming our conversation and resolution. I can’t resist a reply. AWESOME!!!