AZ Mystery WritersSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” (unless you’re a mystery writer)   10:00 am -2:00 pm Arizona Mystery Writers hosts author and writing coach Ethel Lee-Miller. Creating characters who are believable, compelling, and have what it takes to carry the message, move your story forward, and are unforgettable.

Author Ethel Lee-Miller uses her training in counseling (MA Counseling), writing process, and experiences in life to cull those quirky, intriguing, likable and not so likable traits in characters that capture the attention of readers. Walk away with surefire ideas that will get your characters “talking.”

For info: Arizona Mystery Writers Meetings are open to everyone.  Cost: $25 non-members and walk-ins, includes lunch; $20 for RSVP’d members.