Inside and Out: Women’s Truths, Women’s Stories

“A great variety of topics making for an enlightening read.” EM

“One powerful read of women’s stories. Some made me laugh, some touched me deeply – ALL are worth the read!” JV

“Excites me to be more open with my own feelings and events that have colored my life.” EV

Edited by Susan F. Schoch, 2017.

A collection of 76 vibrant, insightful personal essays by writers from the Story Circle Network, selected from the annual SCN anthologies, 2009 – 2016. Thrilled to have my story “You Have to be Carefully Taught” included in this book. The Story Circle Network is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives through memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, as well as raising public awareness of the importance of women’s personal histories.

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