Six Days of Holiday Colors

Day #5 – Color Away that Stress

Going a layer deeper, I’m pleased to share a coloring confession from Dana Lee of RealFitTV:

“I’m home sick today. food poisoning sick. or something. Blah.

Do you get sick often? I can’t remember the last time I was really sick to be honest. And even this time wasn’t ridiculous. Thank god. But still, I had to cancel my appointments for the day. ugh. Not my favorite thing to do.

So, right now, I rest & recover. Nap a bit on & off, eat a frozen popsicle from time to time, & type up some emails – like this – or break out the sharpies & color when I’m feeling up to it. :-)…

I have a whole “Holiday Stress Eating Survival Guide,” that goes along with it (to handle parties, buffet eating & the holidays themselves), I will be delivering it thoroughly in a group coaching call tomorrow.

And funny enough, one of the stress-eating tactics we’ll discuss is ways to distract yourself…. this is my go-to tactic not just to contemplate stress eating, but also as way to unwind, in general, or to kill time when I’m tired of looking at devices.

I color. Coloring makes me happy 🙂 ANY & ALL times of the year. Even on my sick days. I know – my husband laughs at me too. But, it works! I’ll break out my sharpies & my coloring book and it’s like a meditation to me. I just love it. Do you color?”

Now that’s cool coloring. Thanks, Dana. Check out Dana’s Fitness tips. Take time to color. Enjoy each day!