IMG_5765 - Version 2Location, location, location. On the eastside of Tucson, four writers alternately share the meeting place, each week, each month. Same day. Same two hours. All within a 15-minute drive of each other. The goal is to write, so we don’t want to spend as much time driving as time writing. There’s something about the positive atmosphere that builds in a group silently writing around the table.

The only requirements to join are a commitment to RSVP coming or not, and to be working on a specific project, either long-term or for that day. The day is set aside on the calendar for the month; once you’ve committed to attend, it’s a no–brainer. You just show up.

We state our intentions at the start of our two hours and then write. I usually get more done than I planned; when I’m hosting I end up sitting for a few more hours and other writers are welcome to hang out too. No cell phones, no laundry, not getting up to “just do one little chore.” Shut up and write. It’s delicious!

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