HandsMy best friend is like a sunset over the Catalina Mountains. He’s changeable in that sometimes he is brilliantly alive sending out rays of warmth–hot pink, scarlet, orange. Other times he sits with me casting a muted mood of soft purple, or pale gray. He can mirror my mood and affirm who I am. He is a buffer on dark days blanketing me with peace. He is the surprise of laughing aloud when he reads something funny like the sun that bursts suddenly through clouds after a monsoon.

He is open and wide like the Tucson sky in his attention, caring and love. This friend is generous in sharing all this with me, and then equally with my sister, our friends, and even the tiny older woman reaching for a package at Ace.

Regardless of what goes on during the morning or afternoon, he is consistent. He rises and sets with me each day, and has done so for twenty-six years. He is my sweetheart, husband, and best friend.

Describe your best friend.