IMG_5624Holidays have always meant a stepping away from the ordinary routine–sometimes the geographical setting, and shedding tension, and to-do lists. My holidays include celebrations, music, special foods, games, lots of laughing, and visits with favorite people. Still holding onto the Christmas spirit, I celebrate through Little Christmas, January 6, the end of the Christmas season. My husband and I will read the story of the three wise men tonight and start to pack away decorations tomorrow. The story of the three wise men visiting the Baby Jesus and the other epiphany events are inspiring. But it’s more the spirit of the holidays that lulls and lures me.

In the movie Holiday Inn, the main character has what’s viewed as a wacky idea to open an inn just on holidays. The usual movie love triangle forms as jaded performer Jim Hardy (played by Bing Crosby) creates a dream world and romance with a young singer Linda Mason (played by Marjorie Reynolds). Fred Astaire attempts to dance his way into the lovely Linda’s heart. Bing Crosby’s singing is still smooth. He was a great singer; acting came along for the ride. True love prevails over both singing and dancing.

But it got me thinking. As a writer, the whole idea of writing during the holidays appeals. For over thirty years, I worked all the other days of a year, including summers, and looked to holidays for a “break.” Now that I am “retired” from my chosen careers of teaching and life coaching and immersed in my avocation career, writing takes on a holiday aspect. It’s my escape, my dreamtime, and my other life.

What resonates with me is the idea of living life as a holiday. To open up my eyes each morning and celebrate the day ahead. To share the feelings of the season, whatever season with feasts, festivities, glitter, giving, goodwill, joy, presents, and peace.