Meetings: ZOOM October 4, 11, 18, 25. Hybrid  meeting: October 18- Zoom and in-person for those who can make it.

The Eastside Writing Room moves into autumn mode- meeting each Tuesday and In-Person once a month. We’re in the final quarter of our 9th year- now a National group- original members have moved to California, Oregon, Maine and snowbirding in New York and elsewhere.

Thanks to Zoom we’ve been together through fires, monsoons, and oh yeah, a pandemic. Members have published books, done readings, led workshops, started blogs, and showed up at our weekly Zoom meetings. With migration of members, we’re committed to continue Zooming to stay a national group!!!

I have loved writing for decades. My dear EWR nurtures that love.
We welcome adult writers Tuesdays on Zoom. Contact me if you’re looking for a welcoming, professional, talented group to stay connected with writers and committed to your own writing. No fee. No phones. Yes- support, sharing, writing.