laptop with writing and coffee mugEastside Writing Room – A New Plan for Tuesdays 11:30 AM-1:30 PM

The Eastside Writing Room is staying connected. We may have to unlearn hugging while we conquer physical distancing, but we can stay socially connected. I will send out an email every Tuesday morning @10:30 AM to prompt you to write at home for our usual 11:30 AM-1:30 PM time. Email your writing intention with “reply all” to the group. In place of telling each other what we did at 11:30, check in with an email. I’m using this at home writing to keep to some of my routines during this time of restricted activities. Contact Ethel if you want to receive that Tuesday morning email. 

How We Did So Far

We started this past Tuesday, March 16. I reorganized and wrote text for my website update. 
H.M. did his “musings.” 
B.M. was sidetracked by home office stuff but has completed the manuscript for her memoir. 
P.B. sent in 4 submissions (there’s an overachiever in every group).  
R.S. sent a link to one of her stories that was printed online. 
B.B. sent greetings from the West Coast.
As an avowed group joiner junkie, I do miss being with my Eastside Writers, Tellers of Tales, Odyssey, Quiddlerettes, Sabino Springs Travel Group and more. So on to Plan B. Take it online. Come on. You can only clean out some many closets and shelves. Organize your 1000’s of .jpg photos later. Write “with us” Tuesday or Thursday. Or both. Until we can really meet again.

Ethel Lee-Miller blogs regularly about people, the power of words, and the writing life. She’s retired from professional writing gigs after 30 years of teaching, coaching, editing, and gathering writers to publicly share their work. She is the author of Thinking of Miller Place, and Seedlings, Stories of Relationships. In retirement she’s writing just for the fun of it, and sharing stories at Odyssey Storytelling Tucson Tellers of Tales, and anywhere there’s a mic