freeAnother one of those “words are powerful” moments.

Lo Anne Mayer’s recent newsletter ( Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships after Death) contained her recommitment to her deceased mother and daughter to hold unconditional love for everyone.

One of the last sentences in the newsletter was, “You have my solemn promise that I will spend the rest of my days attempting to love unconditionally.”  That got me. I am using that as my motto for the next thirty days. Life is too short to put time and energy into the Re’s— resentments, regrets, and remorse.

To say I’ll do this forever is difficult for me, so I’m doing it one day at a time. I will wake up looking at that phrase typed on a card on my dresser and taped on the bathroom mirror. It means at times I’ll refrain from saying what I want to just blurt out and say; it means I’ll look for opportunities to say, “I love you.” It means I will be free from the Re’s. Each moment can feel like I’m resting in a hammock with nowhere to go, no pressure to do anything but feel free.

The really powerful phrase for me was her reply when I told her I wanted to take this as my own.  “I really want to leave this earth with full-hands of unconditional love.”  Full-Hands of Unconditional Love. Think about it.