Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! | Jan. 6, 2014

IMG_2916Have yourself a merry Little Christmas! January 6th marks the official end of the holiday season, sometimes called Little Christmas. Celebrating Little Christmas allows me to gradually come into the New Year. I moved through Christmas and into the New Year with gratitude for the richness of 2013. We had losses and challenges, balanced with successes, travel, and wonderful times with friends and family.

Today the tree is down and ornaments packed away for the year, although there is always that one little Santa or elf that gets discovered sometime into February. A nice reminder of the Holiday sprit. Little Christmas reminds me to keep that spirit of peace and goodwill. It’s always easier to reach out to someone at Christmastime. Why not be the Christmas spirit person in your family? Or at work? Or with the folks at the supermarket? Happy New Year!

Our 4th New Year here in Tucson was just as special as the first, second and third.  My motto for 2014 is “Such a happy year ahead!” To family, friends, writers, artists, dancers, teachers, neighbors, and readers—May you be happy in love, in health, in your home and with your self.

Love, light, and laughter,



  1. David Fox

    Dear Ethel,
    Happy 2014!! I like what you had to say in this blog, and in your introduction over on the right-hand side as well. I also find people fascinating and love to figure out “what makes them tick.”
    My eldest son just graduated from Indiana University, and my younger son is in his second year of college down in Philadelphia, where he is studying film. I actually have been a freelance sports writer since 2000, thanks in part to your inspiration and support. I still remember meeting with you at Barnes & Noble and then on to the diner for a bite.
    In the past few years, I received my license for health & life insurance as an agent and have put my writing on the backburner. However, I’m interested in getting back into sports reporting, so I plan to pursue that in the new year.
    I look forward to speaking to you and maybe seeing you at one of our toastmaster’s meetings. You can reach me at 973-641-6781.


    David Fox

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      David, So glad to ‘catch up’ with you again. Toastmasters always seem to keep some kind of connection. And writers too. Writing is still a passion for me. I just got my sample copy of my second book, Seedlings, Stories of Relationships which will be out in about 10 days!!! (also on all the ebook sites- ya gotta love technology).
      Do get back to your sports writing – you’ll see again how the time flies when writing.
      I’ll be in NJ in May and first part of June for a book tour and will be back to visit Dining to Speak. Stay in touch.

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