MPHS Brick WalkwayThinking of my dad lately.  He was a subtle, but large influence in my life. Without lectures or strict punishment, he taught us to be confident, honest, and greet the world with a smile. I had the gift of becoming close friends with him in my 30s and 40s up until he died on July 24, 1998. Spending time with him showed me his total acceptance of people, places, and things. He was a true “don’t sweat the small stuff” man.

His love for my mother was unwavering. They met when they were both quite young. How special that they fell in love in Miller Place, the sleepy town on Long Island that held me in it’s magical power throughout the summers of my childhood.

After both my parents were deceased my sisters and I wanted some physical way to honor their memory. Miller Place seemed a good location. We were on the lookout for about a year when the Miller Place Historical Society started the Brick Walkway to honor history and families. We bought a brick for mom and dad, and my sister and I got to see it when I was East this past June.

The Miller Place Mt. Sinai Historical Society held its Annual Car Fair last weekend. You can go see the Walkway any time the grounds are open. September 27-28 is the Country Fair. I’m proud to know that the Fair visitors will see Mom and Dad too.

Link to Miller Place Historical Society /Erickson Brick Miller Place