The Eastside Writing Room

Big News: Hybrid’s the Word!

We had our first hybrid meeting in almost a year! In-person at my house and on Zoom! There’s something very special about in-person energy that is inspiring. We’ll be scheduling one hybrid a month along with our weekly Tuesday Zoom. Writing energy abounds!

Bits and Bobs:

News Bits: 

  • Sunday May 8 AZ Daily Star:  A self-publishing article featured Wheatmark president Sam Henrie. Bee Bloeser and I have used Wheatmark for publishing our books. The biggest advantages I found were their accessibility for in-person meetings being located in Tucson ( 2030 E Speedway Blvd  Ste 106 Tucson AZ) Also they have a very credible rep and history of delivering good products since 1999. Here’s the link to the story. Arizona Daily Star
  • Mercury Retrograde- We’re there now. This came in my daily Lit Hub  but is a reprint from Harper’s 

Creative bits today:

Four of us met in person and six Zoomers joined us. We consider the Eastside Writing Room a national group now since former EWR Tucsonans have moved to California, Oregon, Maine, and Vermont. Zooming  is a must to keep us all together. Every Tuesday 11:00 AM AZ time. Contact Ethel if you are interested in getting in on that creative energy.

Keep on writing!

Ethel Lee-Miller blogs regularly about people, the power of words, and her writing life. She’s retired from professional writing gigs after 30 years of teaching, coaching, editing, and gathering writers to publicly share their work. She is the author of Thinking of Miller Place, and Seedlings, Stories of Relationships. In retirement she writes to inspire, to connect with folks, and for the pure enjoyment of it. Ethel enjoys sharing stories at Odyssey Storytelling, Zoom gatherings, and anywhere there’s a mic.