book treeHere it is: Part Two of the twenty Christmas bestsellers for Publishers Somewhere Weekly. You missed Part one? Check yesterday’s blog.

Here are the titles. Can you guess the author?

11. Coal, The New Eyesight Miracle: One Man’s Success Over Macular Degeneration

12. Extreme Teamwork

13. Assertiveness Training for Pre-Schoolers

14.  The Truth About the Maids and the Ladies

15. Christmas Decorating at an English Orchard

16. Letter to the Editor – The Need for More Street Lights on Christmas Eve

17. Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: A Brother’s Heartbreaking Story of the Frost Family

18.  The Impact of Symbolism in Childhood Dreams

19. Closing the Gap Between Employer and Employee: Finance, Fun, and Family

20. Christmas Shopping Without Going Broke

Scroll down for the authors.


Get ready!


Here they are:

11. Frosty the Snowman

12. Santa’s Elves

13. Cindy Lou Who

14. Nine Ladies Dancing

15. A Partridge in a Pear Tree

16. Grandpa

17. Jack Frost

18. Marie Stahlbaum

19. Fezziwig

20. Della and Jim