Improving Our Writing Skills

Writers Lunch 10/16Yes, you can commit to write every day – it builds the writing workout muscles.

Yes, you can read books – and there are many with excellent tips to improve the craft of writing. In print lets you read, reread, and highlight with those neon markers.

However, sometimes the writer in you may yearn for some good old-fashioned instruction, with new ideas and new ways to get it. Take a class!

Here’s a list of some great resources that came from a dozen local writers sharing at our September Writers Lunch. Each of these comes with a personal recommendation by one or more of our attendees. (Some may have a membership fee, course fee, or no fee. Check the website.)

Face-to-face in the Tucson area:

Deborah Knox

Ethel Lee-Miller and Penelope Starr How to Survive a Public Reading/Telling of Your Work: A Workshop for Writers (in the works- of course we’ll be promoting this soon!)

Janson Literary Services, Inc. – Chandler Community Center Downtown

Lisa Peck-McDonald – Finding Your Spot in the Writing Marketplace

Marge Pellegrino

Traci Moore


Story Circle Network – has online classes and online writing circles

Romance Writers of America

Pima Community College –

Writers Studio – Tucson

AZ State University

Pima County Library – perhaps renewing the Writers in Residence program. Also check the individual libraries

Learning Curve

Literary Arts Network lists literary and art events. Free Yahoo group

Writers Digest

Gotham Writers Workshop

I’m sure there are many more. Feel free to add details, new sites, and your recommendations by commenting.

Thank you, Audrey Sher, Bee Bloeser, Deborah Knox, Hal Cabot, Joan Lisi, Lisa Peck-McDonald, Michelle Cabot, Nan Andres, Penelope Starr, Susy Plummer, and Phyllis Seltzer.

Success is ours!!

The next Writers Lunch is Monday, November 14th.



Ethel Lee-Miller is an author, editor, storyteller, Toastmaster, and lover of words and people.




  1. Thank you for posting this. Nice summary of resources. I didn’t know Writer’s Digest had online courses.

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      One of my writing colleagues here in Tucson has taken more than one, with positive outcomes.

  2. Barbara Chapman

    Thank you for posting these resources. You continue to inspire the writer in all of us.

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      Thanks, Barbara. Life exchanges are reciprocal transactions. We make it easier for each other.

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