It’s Gonna Be a Magnificent Year

I’m greeting 2017 with a huge grin on my face, and gratitude in my heart. Sappy, yeah. A bit. But words are powerful and grins and gratitude are two loaded words for me. If I’m taking any baggage with me from 2016 to 2017, they are it. And the special word for 2017 is magnificent. Whoa! That’s big. Well, why not? A year of magnificence too much for you? Imagine a day. Just 24 hours. Fun, eh?

I’ve been writing, seriously writing, for thirteen years, and this is the first year I don’t have a Grand Plan. In the fall I made a decision to ease up on many of my writing events and had visions of musing on my patio, coffee mug at my side while I scripted snippets, maybe even in longhand, for some days on end.

I shivered with delight as creative thoughts drifted across my ever-inventive mental landscape. The fates had other plans and I was visited by an unwelcome guest in the form of shingles. If ever there is a humbling virus, this is it. What about my strong tolerance for pain, robust immune system, mental control, and the ability to just “suck it up”? Gone, all gone, banished within a week of possession by the incredible bizarre pain that lingers long after you think It’s done. ‘Nuff said. Multiple weeks later, I am weak as a kitten, sleeping (finally) my way through the days and focused enough to write this very late holiday or very early February newsletter.

For 2017 I have made a commitment to my life partner Hank, my writing life, and the writing life of clients. The rest is wide open. Family, friends–old and undiscovered, here we go!

How does that feel? How would that feel for you? To have most of the 24/7 of your life – open, simply open. For me, it’s going to be freeing, exhilarating. and a little bit of that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling.

Writers Lunch continues under the able facilitating of Linda Biuso and Joan Lisi. The first Writers Lunch of 2017 was January 9, and February 27 is up next at our hosting site at Fronimo’s. Writers Read continues with Elaine A. Powers holding the mic at our “home” base of BREWD. The date is March 23. More info for both on my Events page.

2016 was packed with writing events, goals accomplished, and new horizons opening.

Thanks, appreciation, and kudos are in order for writers all over Tucson, in Green Valley, Phoenix, Marana, Oracle and in organizations such as Story Circle Network, Int’l Women’s Writing Guild, Atria Bell Court Gardens Writing Group, Write Group of Montclair NJ, Sunset Writers, and the Eastside Writing Room, Stories at Rail Yard, AZ Mystery Writers, Wheatmark, Odyssey Storytelling, places likes Fronimo’s, BREWD, Roadrunners and Epicurious Toastmasters, and the District 3 Toastmasters in Tucson. I am truly grateful to folks who share funny, poignant, dramatic and heartwarming stories. Thank you, family and friends who support my writing life, clients who trust their treasured manuscripts with me, and readers who buy, share, and write to me.

Who says writing is a solitary endeavor? Have a magnificent year!


  1. I’m sure you will find ways to fill the “open” space in your life with meaning and magnificence. So happy to hear that you are feeling better!

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      Thanks, Chris. Each day is a gift, as my Hank says. And each day I absorb that message more and more.

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