As this month of extra special kindness closes, I thought again of when my husband went on his ‘Be Kind’ campaign. The beauty of it was he didn’t announce it beforehand. He just did it. The outcome was both funny and touching since I first interpreted it as a personal declaration of his love for me. But there are so many ways to be kind. And kindness is universal whether it comes from your life partner or the Dali Lama who has said, “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.”

Be kind.

Thank you and gratitude to folks who purchased, read, and wrote to me about Seedlings, and their “Kind” experiences. The doctor who made a “house call.” The friend who brought flowers. The neighbor who dropped off a small book. The “grown-ups” who share special time with a small boy. The driver who let me “cut” and gave me a thumbs-up after.

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