My Writing Process—Back in the Saddle

Back in the SaddlePart of my writing process is thinking about upcoming projects as I go through my day—walking, doing chores around the house; at the gym, driving, etc. I usually start with a whole jumble of  “things to do.”

Next I write lists of categories: Social media, blog, creative writing, filing, marketing of my  Seedlings book. I look at the lists, handwritten for this kind of processing, and prioritize, most important list on top. Right now it’s personal marketing of my Seedlings, Stories of Relationships here in the Prescott to Tubac parts of Arizona, national and global marketing as subsets of the local. I am drawn to personal events, borrowing the label of “literary salon” to gather people together for  reading and discussion. That’s what’s on top today.

When I start to clear off piles of folders from my  desk, and look for background music ( smooth jazz, instrumental, no lyrics), I know I’m getting ready to sit down and write. I work best in big chunks of time.

The final clue is when I Lemon Pledge the desk. No lie! It’s like a clean slate. It means I am preparing to spend the next three days in my office, emerging for meals and exercise.

I’ve been doing that kind of physical-mental processing for the past four days. The extra Kick-off today is meeting with the Eastside Writers. Being in the company of writers is always inspiring. It’s time to get back in the saddle.

Marketing for Seedlings, here I come!


  1. This is very upbeat and inspiring! Thanks!

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      Thank you, Catherine. It keeps me going to give myself pep talks. I think the prewriting thinking also serves to do that

  2. Rita Brown

    Hi Ethel, So you’re back in the saddle again…I don’t think I ever get off the horse…but I am excited. We’re actually taking a week’s trip(s) I will take my journal but not my lap top of mss. First stop is Prescott for the three days of the Shoe String Roundup, and then to Williams, AZ for the Grand Canyon trainride…and the high light, a night at El Trover…on the rim of the Canyon…it is such a beautiful construction, I hope I can get Roy to leave…anyway…I am excited. We have a live in couple who love our fur kids, so they will be safe and happy….

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      Rita, We just got back from Prescott last week. My first time and I loved it. Guess you saw some of the pictures.I am sure you and Roy will have a wonderful together time. I’ve been doing personal journaling since I finished my book and am enjoying the thoughts that spill out writing in longhand.

  3. Rita Brown

    Ethel, We had a grand time. Roy really loved Prescott…kept saying how much fun it would be to live in that “little town.” You know his love of cowboys and all things western. We also enjoyed Flagstaff…Little America is a pretty interesting hotel. Then it was on to Williams, where we stayed in the Railroad Hotel…Xanterra trips to the National Parks sponsored this trip we took…we spent a night in the hotel then got on the train the next day…then spent the rest of the day at the Canyon and the night at El Tavor (we had a suite which was dedicated to the architect, a woman who was a really accomplished builder in the early 1900’s), and then we went back to Williams on the train and another night in the Rail Road Hotel (very ecologically concerned) and I learned that together Roy and I make a good driving team…so…thanks for your correspondence….Rita (oh I took my mss. with me and edited four chapters…now I am trying to decipher my chicken scratches to keyboard the copy.)

    • Welcome home, Rita.
      Sounds all good! Hugs to you and Roy and happy writing. I love my writing time, whether it’s drafts, edits, research or just making the lists.

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