Back in the SaddlePart of my writing process is thinking about upcoming projects as I go through my day—walking, doing chores around the house; at the gym, driving, etc. I usually start with a whole jumble of  “things to do.”

Next I write lists of categories: Social media, blog, creative writing, filing, marketing of my  Seedlings book. I look at the lists, handwritten for this kind of processing, and prioritize, most important list on top. Right now it’s personal marketing of my Seedlings, Stories of Relationships here in the Prescott to Tubac parts of Arizona, national and global marketing as subsets of the local. I am drawn to personal events, borrowing the label of “literary salon” to gather people together for  reading and discussion. That’s what’s on top today.

When I start to clear off piles of folders from my  desk, and look for background music ( smooth jazz, instrumental, no lyrics), I know I’m getting ready to sit down and write. I work best in big chunks of time.

The final clue is when I Lemon Pledge the desk. No lie! It’s like a clean slate. It means I am preparing to spend the next three days in my office, emerging for meals and exercise.

I’ve been doing that kind of physical-mental processing for the past four days. The extra Kick-off today is meeting with the Eastside Writers. Being in the company of writers is always inspiring. It’s time to get back in the saddle.

Marketing for Seedlings, here I come!