THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 7-9 PM ODYSSEY STORYTELLING “Deal Breaker”  Doors open 6:30 pm. The Sea of Glass—Center For The Arts  330 E 7thSt.  Convenient paid parking lot right next to Sea of Glass. Free street parking also.

So excited to be the curator at this event. $10 General / $7 Students with ID.  Tix or at the door.

Come hear 6 local true stories about the November theme, “Deal Breakers”
DEAL BREAKER: Noun: a factor or issue that, if unresolved during negotiations, would cause one party to withdraw from a deal. Well, that sounds neat and tidy, and pretty serious.

In reality the deal breaker does not have to be a “good reason” by society’s standards, it’s a very personal thing. What’s the bottom line? Or more to the point, what’s YOUR bottom line?

So what’s that one thing that you can’t overlook or tolerate in business, in entertainment, in personal relationships, in your home, in eating/drinking/dancing/traveling/clothing habits? The list can go on and on.

“Sometimes red flags are no longer red flags, they’re deal breakers. Then, do you forgive or is it a deal breaker?

What’s the catch that can sometimes be a wakeup call?

What might have been a deal breaker then and now may only be a mere shoulder shrug? Or vice versa?

Send me your pitch for a 10-minute true story about you and a deal breaker. We can only choose 6 tellers, so we’ll let you know in plenty of time who made the cut. We also have guidelines and a rehearsal to help get you ready. It’s a great event!