Our Stories of the Day

NOVEMBER 11-12:  Jeff Harris & Christy Snow lead a multi-faceted workshop “Our Stories of the Day” We all have a story and that story has impact on our lives.  Stories might be spiritual, moral, true (?), humorous, uplifting, outrageous, long or short. These stories will be told in visual symbols that transcend the spoken word. Meditations will be utilized to access symbols for your story, myth or legend. There’s no need to be a writer or artist.  In the process of doing this project, our energies will be moving upward for full expression at 5th and 6th Chakras. Workshop, art, meditation, lunch and light refreshments. And at theDesArt Studio in the Picture Rocks area of Tucson. Sounds pretty good to me.

Contact (520) 682-8488 or send an email to de­sartstudio2@gmail.com.

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