SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3: S.P.E.A.K. – 5 COMPONENTS THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR PRESENTATIONS. 9:30- 11:30 AM.   Unscrewed Theater 3244 E. Speedway. Sponsored by Tucson Tellers of Tales. Contact for information:

Do you have a fantastic story but feel it’s less than sparkling in the telling? Join me to learn about 5 components for successful storytelling- each one related to a visual, verbal, physical, and mental aspect of storytelling, or any presentation. An interactive program sharing practical ideas for your story, keynote, presentation, or reading.


S- THE story and how YOU SPEAK.

P- POSTURE. Does your body language “say” what you want it to say? Eye contact is vital in Western society. Where are your eyes? Use notes and “cheat sheets” effectively.

E- Make the ENVIRONMENT work for you. Know the room- Large room, large gestures and vice versa. What’s the seating? Who introduces you? Who handles the technology- mic, lights, temperature control?

A- ATTITUDE. This is my favorite. Banish fear with Fear Fighters. Make your presentation positive, professional, pleasant, purposeful. Know that you know your stuff. Enjoy!

K- KUDOS- Yes. Appreciate your audience!