post-itsClosing the week with one more bit of Bumper Sticker Philosophy.

Once personal or professional goals are in place and you’re jazzed to go out and sell your product, find an editor/agent/publisher, or even meet your ideal mate, S.W.S.W.S.W. will keep it all in perspective.

It’s not new; it’s not original. I first heard this more than two decades ago! At a Jack Canfield seminar these letters were introduced: S.W.S.W.S.W.

It’s a variation on Don’t Put all Your Eggs in One Basket, with attitude. No matter what the goal, not everyone will be willing, able, or even interested in helping us, as charming as we are.

S.W.S.W.S.W. Some Will    Some Won’t    So What?!

I think I laughed out loud when that first pearl of an explanation came— and that’s what I keep in mind when I make a request and a prospective book buyer, program organizer, friend, spouse, family member frowns and says, “No, I don’t think I can…”

If the naysayer is inclined to tell why it’s a no, I listen and thank them with “I understand. I hope that some time in the future we can work together.”

AND MOVE ON!!!! Saves time, reduces attempts at convincing, and the angst of mulling over why.

S.W.S.W.S.W. Some Will    Some Won’t    So What?!