547462_10151820382546385_368902011_nI had a request to post this photo on Facebook. It’s over twenty years old and still evokes a whole spectrum of emotions. Love—I loved the photographer and the little girl who is now a beautiful grown woman. Curiosity—what was the book? Was it as important as the feeling of sharing it with a friend? Wonder—at the two little kids who were so engrossed in their ‘reading’ and that they found a place where no one else would disturb them so they could be pulled into the power of the words of the story.

Written, spoken, sung, acted out. I want my words to move people, sometimes to take action, or to take a time-out; to reach out to someone, or to take time to retreat. My husband said some words the other night that gave me pause. I’m paraphrasing here. “I want to do things I like to do. If there are things I need to do, but don’t want to do, I’ll do them but not get over involved in the actions.”  OK, good enough.

What do I most want to do? I love to write and am committing to write more often, with more intention to move readers. What do you want from words? How do you like to be moved? How do you affect the people in your life with your words?