Scriveners Writing Group NJOne day in 2003 a New Jersey woman grew tired of hearing herself say, “I just can’t seem to find time to write,” as if it were a discarded package thrown in the Lost & Found. That day she also received an email that changed her life. “Looking for kindred writing souls, providing uninterrupted time to write.”

She answered the email, and two women set a date to get together and write. “Bring lunch, I’ll put the coffeepot on,” said the emailer. They gathered yellow legal pads and pencils, and met.

That day, the Scriveners writing group was born. LoAnne Mayer and I started by meeting for an hour. Any writer knows that’s not enough time. We “found” the time to write–two hours (or more) each Monday, alternating houses as a meeting place. We viewed our new group as a way to follow our passion for writing.

Both of us were members of the International Women’s Writing Guild, an organization dedicated to supporting the writing efforts of women, which also supported the idea of Zip Code Parties for writers.

Over the years we got more organized. We also got bigger. What started as two women with yellow writing pads extended to twelve women, and a Scriveners North for our writing friends in northern New Jersey. Scriveners shared time and stories for ten years. Along the way we shared marriages, two book publications, book launches, birthdays, retirements, births of grandkids, and losses of loved ones. Much of which we wrote about.

Today we are scattered across the US: Arizona, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York City, and New Jersey. It’s easy for us to stay in touch–phone, email, Skype, text, and occasional in-person visits. We know each other’s writing style, temperament, and writing dreams. Who better to ask for writing feedback? Better still, this August we’ll have a “live” reunion in New Jersey. A chance email a decade ago that led to rich writing experiences and deep friendships.

Next blog: Guest Blogger–G. June Smith, Scriveners, NJ.