“Seedlings Goes East” Book Tour

SeedlingsYou CAN Go Home Again—Just in a Different Way . May 21-June 10, 2014

I’m going back East in two weeks. It’s a Seedlings Book Tour to personally bring my Seedlings, Stories of Relationships to friends, family, writing colleagues, and friends I haven’t met yet.

I was brought up on Long Island, NY, lived in Manhattan for seven years, and then New Jersey for thirty-four years, before our cross-country relocation to Tucson, Arizona.

I started and honed my writing skills in New Jersey writing groups and at open mics, and launched my first book Thinking of Miller Place in NJ in 2008. And now I’m taking Seedlings to share my garden of relationship stories at book events, Author Talks, and writing groups.

If an event is listed as By Invitation and you want to come, contact me. I’ll see if there’s space left. I want to see everyone and do everything in the time frame of May 21-June 10. Of course I know that can’t happen, but it sure will be fun trying.

Here’s a Look at where I’ll be: EAST COAST SEEDLINGS TOUR


The Write Group of Montclair 10:15-11:30 am Author Talk & book signing. Montclair Public Library, 50 S. Fullerton Montclair NJ.

The Write Group Lunch Reception & book signing 12:00-1:30 pm Church St. Montclair TBA $12.00. RSVP Carl   selinger99@aol.com


Lunch with the Author- Ladies Who Lunch Book Event & signing. At the home of B. Shain Asarnow Florham Pk. NJ. By invitation. Contact Ethel.

Dessert with the Author 7:30 pm. Book Event and signing. At the home of B. Shain Asarnow. Florham Pk. NJ. By invitation. Contact Ethel.


Lunch with the Author 12-2 pm. Author Talk and book signing. At the home of J. Martin.  W Caldwell NJ. By invitation. Contact Ethel.

Meet the Author  7-9 pm. A Night Out with Your GFs. Book Event & signing. At the home of J. Gerdy. Little Falls NJ. By invitation. Contact Ethel.


MAY 31 – JUNE 2:  LONG ISLAND NY Contact Ethel.


Lunch with the Author 11:30 am-2:00 pm Lunch with the Author & book signing. At the home of L. Mayer.    Manchester NJ. By invitation.


Breakfast with the Author Montclair NJ. TBA. Contact Ethel.

Dining to Speak Toastmasters Dinner.  Optional. Meet me for dinner. 6-7 pm Hollywood Pizzeria 376 Fairfield Rd, Fairfield, NJ. Open. Contact Ethel.

Dining to Speak Toastmasters Meeting 7-9 pm  Ethel Lee-Miller DTM – Speaker. Hollywood Pizzeria 376 Fairfield Rd, Fairfield, NJ.  Guests welcome. Info:   https://www.diningtospeak.org Donna Hook  area01gov@yahoo.com

JUNE 5:    Chics Private Event

SUNDAY JUNE 8:  Mitre’s 10th Anniversary & Seedlings: Private Event.

MON. JUNE 9:  Meet the Author 7:30 PM -9:00 pm Book Event & signing. Light refreshments.  Open. Church of the Holy Spirit 36 Gould St Verona, NJ.  Info: maireg47@yahoo.com





  1. aino kay lautsio-riccitello

    Dear Ethel: I will be in your back pocket in spirit as you enjoy your book tour. As I said, I will keep my copy of Seedlings with me in the event that your tour finds its way to FL which I recommend. There are a lot of people down here writing, buying, and learning about how to write and would love to hear from you in first person….much love, Aino Kayt

    • Ethel Lee-Miller

      I’d love to bring Seedlings to Florida. Meeting with other writers, and readers, is always a pleasure, and inspiring.

  2. Hank Miller

    SEEDLINGS STORIES OF RELATIONSHIPS by Ethel Lee-Miller is a beautifully written book of short stories that are funny, poignant and just plain entertaining. The book’s characters span the life-cycle from pre-school to adolescent to adult to octogenarian. The author’s self-proclaimed “love affair with words” is evident in her ability to place the reader in the scene with vivid descriptive prose. At the same time, her stories move the reader to chuckles, to laughter and also to tears.
    I found much to identify with in these stories and know that those who have any experience with relationships will too. That’s just about everyone, isn’t it?
    I highly recommend SEEDLINGS to anyone who enjoys well-crafted writing and heart-touching scenes. ~Hank

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