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Developing an idea and engaging in the writing process is what brings that ecstatic glow to the faces of many writers. But ask them to talk about their writing and many say, “I can write it, or do it for you, but don’t ask me to speak.”

More and more, the person behind the book or service offered is expected to be able to speak with credibility, confidence, and poise.

Ethel’s professional experiences in teaching, lecturing, counseling, and keynote speaking are evident in her event coaching. A member of Toastmasters International for twenty years, her skills as a presenter and trainer are evident. Ethel brings those background skills and years of experience  and enthusiasm to each of her clients. Make your next presentation shine with your idea and passion and her coaching.


Enhanced Life Management  Life skill seminars help fill the gaps in relationships and depict the challenges and joys of living a life rich in experiences, risks, and happiness. After more than forty years of working with the public, ELM has also developed a wide array of topics that assist audiences in reaching goals.

Since 2000 Ethel has presented over 900 seminars in the New York  Metropolitan area and Southern Arizona to corporations, service organizations, conferences, schools, colleges and universities, writing groups, book clubs and in ELM workshops.

Her high-energy presentations and personal coaching skills have also been converted to articles. Her lively presentations incorporate professional training skills, practical tips, tricks, and tools for development as a writer and as a speaker about writing.

Contact Ethel to schedule an event for your organization or writing group.


The stories and characters in Seedlings and Thinking of Miller Place have various levels to be explored and enjoyed. For the time I have to entertain and engage your audience, I can organize the talk by:

Engage: Hear story excerpts for entertainment and share the feelings of love, kindness, and humor that are keystones of successful relationships whether romance, sibling, work, friendship, or family. This works for groups that are really stressed and just want to relax, and be entertained.

Involve: Read/write for interaction. Share chapter excerpts that directly address relationship events like marriages, deaths, working together or the dynamics of compromise, trust, and letting go. This works well with groups that are very verbal, want to share, question, or compare their family and relationship experiences.

Read as a writer: Discussion of the writing process and universal themes (Birth, Love, Death, Coming of Age, Loss, Recovery) Discussion and tips about the process of writing, researching, rewrites, edits, sharing, and revisions. For Memoir: Five elements key to memoir (Truth, Theme, Voice, Point of View, Musing) See first drafts, workshop edits, final drafts, and manuscript submission, proofs, and the book. An interactive program with writing prompts and sharing.

Each approach includes a Q&A directly related to the book or related to the ups and downs of relationships with an emphasis on humor and acceptance. Program times range from 40 minutes to three-hour workshops, and full day seminars. There is no fee for a basic 40 minutes book talk/signing—just the cost of any purchased book ($15.00). Negotiable fees for longer workshops. Book signing included in all.

Contact Ethel for more information or for scheduling.




Public Speaking for Writers, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Storytellers              

Benefits for you: Reduce your fears about public speaking. Create rapport with your audience. Enjoy your time in front of an audience.

  •  Get Ready and Glide Through Interview Questions with Style
  • Body Language and Gestures to Match and Enhance What You Say
  • Cheat Sheets for Public Speaking/Storytelling
  • Fear Fighters That Work
  • Handling Intrusive Questions, Harsh Criticism, Lavish Praise, and Other Presentation Oddities
  • Public Speaking Without Panic for Authors
  • S.P.E.A.K.:  A Star Model for Public Speaking/Storytelling
  • Tell It: Presentation Skills for Writers (and anyone who wants to tell their story like a pro) with Penelope Starr
  • What Makes You Think Someone/Anyone Will Want to Read What You Have to Say?
  • Words are Powerful
  • You Said a Mouthful–Etiquette and Protocol at Eating Meetings
  • Your “30 Second Commercial”–Planning & Coaching, Delivery

“Utilize The Power of Words” – ELM Life Skills Seminars  

Benefits for you: Enhance communication in your relationships, reduce conflict, confusion, and tension in professional meetings.

  • ASK! ASK! ASK! For What You Want and Need
  • Conversation Stoppers & Enhancers
  • If You Want to See a Hero, Look in the Mirror
  • Less Stress
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • Making a List- Giving and Getting the Most Out of Your Intimate Relationships
  • Public Speaking Without Panic
  • S.P.E.A.K.:A 5-Point Program to Be a Presentation Star
  • Self-Esteem Salon! Salon! – For Women Only
  • Spirituality for the Helping Professional
  • Teachers: Professional, Personal, and Positive
  • The Family Genogram as a Tool for Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance
  • The Spiritual Journey of the Twelve Steps

Book Talk Events (for readers of Thinking of Miller Place or Seedlings, Stories of Relationships 

Benefits for you: Build strong family, community, or professional relationships. Take on a leadership role. Claim the power and compassion that build your self-esteem and healthier interactions.

  • Balanced Parenting
  • Celebrations of the Heart
  • Empty Nest: You, Me, and Somebody
  • Everyday Compassion
  • Family Faces, Family Phases
  • Fighting Fair
  • It’s a Twin Thing
  • Less Stress in Relationships
  • Memoir and Memories
  • Remarriage: Be the Architect of Your Relationship, Don’t Copy the Blueprint of Another
  • The ABCs of Retirement
  • The Heart of a Family
  • The SS Relationship—It Can be Smooth Sailing

Talks can be customized for 40-minute overviews, 2 hour, half-day, or full day presentations.

Fees on request.





Resources – Books and Downloads

My Favorite Books for Public Speaking

Communicate With Confidence by Dianna Booher  (any of her books are exceptional)

Dealing with Difficult People by C. J. Keating

Do Not Go Naked Into Your Next Presentation by Ron Hoff

Do You Talk Funny? 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker by David Nihill

Don’t Panic by R. Reid Wilson

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

How to Say It by Rosalie Maggio

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands by Terri Morrison, Wayne Conaway & G Borden

Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History by William Safire

Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson (any of her books are good)

Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by J. C. Humes

Talk Like T.E.D by Carmine Gallo

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Public Speaking by Laurie Rozakis

The Penguin Book of 20th Century Speeches by Brian MacArthur

The Toastmasters International Guide to Successful Speaking by J. Slutsky

Treasury of Women’s Quotations by Carolyn Warner

You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen

Free ELM Public Speaking Downloads


The Words Are Powerful Event you conceived and facilitated was terrific-fascinating women, fantastic word-work, fun food, and dynamic and talented you. So happy I was there.   Nan Andres

Afternoon Ethel, I find your blog interesting, you are such a good writer, I wish I could write like you.  I’m sorry I missed you when you were here.  Edna Davis Giffen  7/16

Thanks Ethel – What a great contribution you’ve made in our writing lives. Deb Knox 11/16

Thank You Ethel – for a fabulous day!  It was inspiring and fun and lovely to meet and be in such a group of powerful women writers. Beth Lane, Clear Perspectives Coach

Love this blog! And your holiday tips brought a big smile to my face Connie B. 12/16

Thank you so much, Ethel—you are always such a blessing and an encouragement!!!  P.  Punches

What a fabulous day! On my drive home, my mind was thrusting new ideas and also editing the piece I read today. It was such a pleasure to meet all those ladies that, like us, love to write….You were a fabulous hostess and facilitator today – things rolled so smoothly because of your excellent orchestration…My oh my, my brain is still kicking in thoughts as I write to you.  Glenda Taylor

I attended half-day session on writing at Ethel Lee-Miller’s home. The setting was very comfortable and the atmosphere was relaxing. Ethel presented us with an opportunity to write spontaneously and to share what we wrote. The experience was educational and enjoyable. Because I am a published novelist in the midst of a daily writing project, I have not attended any other workshops. I’d recommend attendance for writers who are between projects, or are experiencing some blocking of the writing process. The event boosts one’s confidence as a writer and provides a sounding board for bouncing off spontaneous writing. Ethel was very well prepared, gracious and supportive; plus, she provided a lovely lunch. Rita Robinson Brown, author, Rainy Day Man

I was honored and humbled to be included in your Words are Powerful IWWG meeting.  Energized and inspired, yes, but primarily humbled to be surrounded by so many talented, gifted writers who happen to be Women!  Overwhelmed, too!  Thanks to those who gave feedback on my short piece.  I have twelve new friends, new supporters, and new inspirers!  Michaele Lockhart, author, Last Night at the Claremont

Ethel, thank you for the inspirational “Words Are Powerful” seminars. I attended all of them and found each one packed neatly with techniques for stronger writing and strategies for more effective presentation.  Meaningful critique from fellow writers and from you gave me the boost I needed to break my writer’s block. Your seminar scheduled time for development of ideas and the opportunity to exchange comment. I left each seminar energized and with a clearer path to follow. Margaret Forgach, Tucson Arizona

The “Words are Powerful Workshop” by Ethel Lee-Miller is an inspirational experience filled with gentle encouragement. Ethel is a dynamic speaker who imbues her listeners with self-confidence to realize their goals. Margaret L. Turley, author, Save the Child; Administrator of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer

I found the memoir workshop very helpful and organized. We all participated in the discussions regarding our respective memoir. This workshop was excellent, and I recommend it to all. Carl Forssell

The Eastside Writing Room—LOVED the peaceful time writing at your home, as we all focused in on our own projects. It was enormously productive for me, a real gift. Thanks so much for providing this productive, quiet environment – I look forward to the next time. Lynne Ashdown author, One American Woman, Fifty Italian Men

Ethel Lee-Miller is the best! She presented a writers workshop to the group I belong to in East Amado, AZ, whose membership is comprised of all levels of writers and various genres. She was so popular we brought her back last year to help kick off the new season.

She is also my editor.  I appreciate how patient, communicative and prompt she is in the process.  Her gift is priceless. Anne Cummins E. Amado Writers Group, E Amado, AZ