post-itsRemember Your ABCs

I unabashedly confess to being a self-help junkie. I’ve read, borrowed, and own hundreds of books about how-to… get out of debt, take charge of your life, be in a blended family, reduce stress, fight fair, speak with confidence, etc.

Lots of the ideas I’ve gotten from books have been compressed into a few alphabetical letters. Those few letters became shorthand for reminders or communication tips that would get me off the tension escalator.

I liked the idea of TGIF and ASAP, LOL, and the myriad of shortcuts. Why not use this for my self-help notes? At one point in my life, my apartment was festooned with yellow, pink, and green post-its with reminders.

The first ABC tip that really helped was H.A.L.T.

Not original, but no matter. The message is if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired—stop—even if for 5 minutes and rethink that impulsive action.

You may not need to storm out of a meeting; maybe you need to eat something nutritious.

You may not need to end a relationship; you may need to take a ten minute time out.

You may not need to go to the bar for a drink; you may really be lonely.

You may not need to continue the senseless argument with your partner; you may be tired.


More ABCs each day this week.