arleneseigels seedThe other day someone asked, “Well, how’s your writing going?” I replied, (without thinking, I must admit) that I hadn’t done much creative writing lately. That night, I realized all the people interactions, statements heard, questions asked during book talks, and events which have been the main part of my life for the past few months, have been gestating and joining up with each other for new stories.

Yep, those seeds are still being planted. The everyday conversation at breakfast at Millie’s yesterday was fun and funny. I looked at our table companions and saw two wonderful characters for another relationship story. They’ve been together 45 years and boy, do I want to pick their brains.

The Creative Writing Group I am privileged to facilitate here in Tucson at a senior residence fills me with awe at the courage, wisdom, and downright feistiness of the writers who open their hearts on paper.

Arlene Siegel’s photo of what she did with her seed packet from a Seedlings book event fit perfectly.

So, how’s YOUR writing going?