SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2017: Tell It: Presentation Skills for Writers (also for ANYONE who wants to tell their story like a professional) 1:00-4:00 PM. YWCA 525 N. Bonita Fee: $35.00. Check/PayPal.

Ethel Lee-Miller teams up with the irrepressible Penelope Starr to present three hours packed with tips and tools for anyone who has the opportunity to tell their story, boost their elevator pitch, hit the open mic circuit, or just plain impress people with professional presentations–and enjoy the experience yourself. The deal clincher–to do this in a safe, supportive environment.

Here’s your chance: to concisely craft an attention-getting beginning, an entertaining middle and compelling ending to your story, presentation, or pitch.

~to combine words, gestures, body language, and voice inflection for a smooth tale

~to have a confident attitude that connects you with your audience (think cheat sheets, eye contact, environment tips, handling everything from Q & A, to tech trouble, to hecklers)

~to get those butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation

~to put it all together knowing the “style” of presenting that works for you

Penelope Starr founded Odyssey Storytelling in 2004 and it’s been going strong ever since bringing innovative, entertaining and thought-provoking stories to the Tucson community each month. “Telling a story at Odyssey is a safe and loving way to practice speaking in front of people,” says Starr. After incorporating into StoryArts Group, Inc., a 501(c)(3) community funded arts organization in 2009, they continue the mission to create, support, preserve, promote and celebrate the art of storytelling, Penelope responded to public interest and put it all in writing her how-to/memoir, “The Radical Act of Community Storytelling: Empowering Voices in Uncensored Programs” 

Ethel Lee-Miller brings 20 years of experience as a member and presenter in Toastmasters International (the public speaking and leadership organization with more than 40 clubs in the Tucson area alone). Her seven years as a professional public speaker helped her hone her own skills along with teaching others about “Public Speaking Without Panic, “Public Speaking Without Panic for Authors,”  “How to Speak with Kids, Teens, and other Unusual Species,” and “ASK ASK ASK: Getting What You Want and Need in Professional and Personal Relationships.”

Ethel is the author of two books: Thinking of Miller Place: A Memoir of Summer Comfort and Seedlings, Stories of Relationships.

In collaboration with Odyssey Storytelling & YWCA S. Arizona