Seedlings Book CoverI love to be in the company of writers! The writers who are the most inspiring and alive are the ones who tell me what they are doing or have done. I confess to a flicker of irritation hearing writers, and other dear friends who repeat, “Yeah, one of these days, I’m gonna… write that book/ get a new job/leave this relationship.”

I know, I know it’s true, I don’t really know what the full story is as to why someone doesn’t do something. They may not know either. But it seems like negative vibes to mention the delay over and over and over.

So when you’ve taken that first baby step or done it, call me, email me, text me, tell me! I’ll pick up my pompoms and be your biggest cheerleader!

When writer Mem Fox received her first copy of her book Possum Magic, she “…stroked it as if it were made of silk. This beautiful book was mine. I hugged it. I was a writer.”

The first time I saw my first book, Thinking of Miller Place, on a shelf in a bookstore, I actually went up to perfect strangers and said, “That’s my book! That’s my book!” And they showed just as much happiness as I felt.

Now my second book, Seedlings, Stories of Relationships is moving around in the world. It’s been on a plane to France, cruises in Normandy and Hawaii, and I am happy to say it’s now got a portion of a shelf closer to home. Find it (and Thinking of Miller Place) at Mostly Books in Tucson Still on Amazon, and always with me in my traveling office, aka the trunk of my car.