Sabino sunset

Before the seductive forces of the Christmas “rush” grab hold–stop.

Resist the listing, planning, buying just for ten minutes. It’s easy for me to get pulled into the colors, gifts, and swirls of ideas for holiday decorations. There are many plusses in the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas holiday. But I need a little something to calm me down and slow me up when the anticipation builds beyond enjoyment.

Here it is. Think back to Thursday–Thanksgiving. What was the one moment when you realized what you had just received was a Thanksgiving treasure? A hug, a delicious dinner, a smile just for you. Or maybe a treasure that was intangible – a feeling of well-being as you looked at the people gathered around the table.

Some years ago, I felt that as I looked around a full table, fifteen, no maybe there were twenty people around my sister’s dining room table with the card tables set up and stretching out into the living room. We were family, extended family, and folks whose families were too many miles away to get to. I didn’t necessarily love all these people. But I was struck with a sense of awe that we were all together–that day–at that table, clasping the hand of the person next to us as we simply said thank you.

My treasure this year was also at the Thanksgiving table. My Hank, my twin sister Eileen, and her dear friend Joe. Four of us. But happy in the sense that we were together. Our separate bonds of sister to sister, couple to couple, brother-in-law to new hiking friend, are weaving a tapestry of a foursome of strong friendship. How fortunate we are to have such a treasure. I do believe we’ve struck a mother lode.


Ethel Lee-Miller is always on the lookout for “seeds” of new ideas for writing. She is the author of Thinking of Miller Place and Seedlings, Stories of Relationships