Tucson Festival of Books – Sunday, March 3  2:00-4:00 PM

Stories Abound from the Tucson Tellers of Tales!

Come listen to a sampler of family-friendly stories as the Tucson Tellers of Tales share some of their favorite folk, personal, and fairy tales. Come hear Starr Austin, Bee Bloeser, Marilyn Carter, Ron Lancaster, Ethel Lee-Miller, Nooshie Motaref, Gloria Myers, Jeremy Segal, Janis Sherick and Karla Campillo-Soto at the Tucson Festival of Books

I’m telling … stories, that is. And I’ll have books for sale. hThinking of Miller Place: A Memoir of Summer Comfort– perfect for twins, parents of twins, New York transplants, and anyone who remembers the nostalgia of growing up in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Seedlings, Stories of Relationships holds a garden of true stories and a few BOTS (based on a true story) about all kinds of relationships written with humor, poignant reminiscing, or straightforward telling it like it is (or was).

More info coming.