Going through my email list this morning I realized I’ve got an eclectic grouping of readers. The main focus of my ELM newsletter has been for writers (who also have become work colleagues, friends, and major cheerleaders.). This occasional newsletter list also includes teachers, retirees, friends, relatives, Toastmasters, and neighbors.

I include professional updates (events), social observations (links to blogs), and personal observations. Heading towards my 70th decade and I’m still a curious person and my writing blogs are built around events, overheard conversations, and often something that happens that makes me laugh–out loud, to myself, and often at myself. If I can work in a seed of a writing tip or tool, I feel kinda smug. It all comes under the heading of The Writing Life.

Mostly I love to have fun with blogs. Life is fun. Occasionally I get meditative, introspective, or lost in thought. And it can end up on the blog page. Take it or leave it. I hope you’ll take it and let me know what you think.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and blogs from my website.  Hit the RSS button- stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. If you use RSS reader already, this is the way to sign up.

If you’re not an RSS user, fill in the newsletter subscription for blog notification on the blog page. You’ll get an email notification when a blog is posted.

Thanks– I look forward to hearing from you.