Writers Lunch- April 11, 2016

Wow! Yes! Once again, the concept of sharing ideas and food works to inspire, motivate, and reignite the writing spark.

Recipe for a successful writing meeting (with lunch). Description: Eight female writers, intent on honing their craft and enhancing distribution and marketing of their work.

+ 1 Kathy McIntosh, digital maven

+ 1 Ethel Lee-Miller, promoter of building your writing platform and grass roots following starting with your soft market

+ 1 Penelope Starr, “Go international”

+ 1 Bonnie Edwards, formatter promoter

+ Various authors–curious, eager, and generous in sharing information and experiences

+ Fronimo’s Avgolemono soup, gardenburger, Greek burger, veggie pita sandwich, fries, dolmades

= Inspired, motivated, heads-full-of-ideas authors intent on expanding their market. Key ingredients: Bonnie Edwards, Consie Berghausen, Deborah Knox, Kathy McIntosh, Mary Darling, Shirley Gray, Penelope Starr.

Our next Writers Lunch is Monday, July 11, 2016 12-1:30 at Fronimo’s Greek Café 3242 E. Speedway Tucson AZ. Contact Ethel if you are interested. You need not be a published author to join us. All genres of adult authors welcome. RSVP necessary to Ethel.

Want to start a Writers Lunch in your area? Contact Ethel or https://etheleemiller.com/you-can-have-it-all/