Writing Coach



If you have an idea for a book, if you have the ten-year-old dream of writing your story, if you now are willing to grab, carve, and protect your time as a writer, I can be the motivating support to help you take the first steps. I am the cheerleader to remind you that you are the only person who is uniquely qualified to write your story.  As writing coach, I supply feedback to assure the next steps are taken, and help you construct a realistic timeline with tips to stay on track and finish that book.

Twenty-eight years as an educator of young children, teenagers, and university students, along with fifteen years of life coaching have enabled me to hone the skills of evaluating, motivating, and helping clients reframe their words, ideas, and body language so it all fits into the puzzle of a congruent whole person or written piece.

  • As writing coach I assist in idea formulation, and step-by-step planning to engineer a full story project.
  • As cheerleader I can pick up my virtual pompoms and applaud each successive step that brings you to starting, continuing and fulfilling your writing dream.
  • If you have an unfinished project, I help you don the Teflon to let the occasional negative remark slide right by.

Contact Ethel as your writing coach.

Books and Resources to Enhance Your Writing Life

Books to Enhance Your Writing Life

An American Childhood- Annie Dillard

Growing Up – Russell Baker

How to Get Happily Published –  Judith Appelbaum

How To Register a Copyright and Protect Your Creative Work – Robert Chickering

Inventing the Truth: The Art & Craft of Memoir – edited by William Zinsser

Living Between the Lines – Lucy McCormick Calkins with Shelley Harwayne

Off the Page: Writers Talk About Beginnings, Endings and Everything in Between – Richard Bausch


On Writing Well – William Zinsser

On Writing- A Memoir of the Craft – Stephen King

Reading Like a Writer – Francine Prose

Self-editing for Fiction Writers – Renni Browne & Dave King

The Aladdin Factor – Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen

The Art of Fiction – Ayn Rand

The Art of Teaching Writing – Lucy McCormick Calkins

The Artists Way   and   The Vein of Gold – Julia Cameron


The Intuitive Writer – Gail Sher

The Writing Life  – Annie Dillard

Turning Memories Into Memoirs – Denis Ledoux

What a Writer Needs – Ralph Fletcher

Why Women Earn Less – Mikelann Valterra

Writing and Publishing Personal Essays – Sheila Bender

Writing Down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg

Writing the Memoir- Judith Barrington

Writing to Learn – William Zinsser